PostSecret Collection
PostSecrets Biggest UnOfficial PostCard Collection


We here at wanted a place where we could go way back and look at all the postcards on With Franks current implementation, we can only see the current post cards. So we needed to change that.

We created a few scripts that went looking for EVERY SINGLE Past Post Card ever posted on On our Initial first pass, we came back with over 40,000 postcards. While we estimate their aren't that many, we went ahead and downloaded them anyway. So in the interest of time, we will rely on you all to tell us if their is a duplicate postcard in our archives. To keep the collection up to date, every Sunday we will be running it against

We also wanted one more thing, to make every post card readable by blind people, that they may also experience the joy it comes to sharing secrets that the current visuals cannot show. So In the coming weeks, we will be creating a way for people to tell us what each post card says.

To clarify something, We will not make any profit on this website. The ads are only there to pay for server costs. Any extra money made from book sales or advertisements will be donated to a Suicide Prevention Hotline.

All Postcards are for the community, but specific copyright questions, will go to Frank. We totally believe Frank is the Curator and will not deny any request made by him.